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How to Make a Tajine!

How to Make a Tajine!

How to Make a Tajine!

Today we’re talking about the tajine  what is tajine food and  

How to  

Tajine – the change of state vessel – may be a terribly straightforward pot that has been used for hundreds of years. Variations of the pot square measure employed in cultures round the world. the bottom of the vessel is clay, and therefore the techniques wont to produce a tajine and alternative clay pots are found as way back because the Neolithic (better called the stone age) amount. Over time techniques and materials were refined however the premise has remained a similar. There square measure 2 kinds of tajines in Morocco, a glazed and unglazed version. You’ll additionally realize several hand-painted tajines purchasable. These aren’t wont to cook in however are often wont to serve.

It’s terribly typical to ascertain chef’s and restaurants outside Morocco serve tajine with couscous on the aspect or beneath tajine. this is often ne'er worn out Morocco. Tajine and couscous ar 2 completely different meals, overdone alternative ways and eaten alternative ways. Don’t expect your tajine to come back with couscous on the aspect. Instead, you’ll use bread to eat the dish. Moroccans use items of contemporary staff of life to take up the dish. eat the world directly ahead of you if sharing a dish with others – the common method of consumption. For people who have Associate in Nursing hypersensitivity reaction to protein or like to not eat carbs don’t be stunned if there are not any forks seeable, however do be at liberty to elicit one.

There are so many different ways to make a delicious tajine. You can have a fish tajine, beef tajine, lamb tajine, veggie tajine, chicken tajine and so on!

What you need

  • Vegetables: Carrots, parsnip, tomatoes, courgette, potatoes
  • Garlic, onions
  • Peas (can)
  • Fresh parsley

 Cinnamon, ginger (powder), red pepper (powder), salt, pepper, curry, rosemarine

Step 1:

Cut carrots, courgette and  parsnip in small pieces

Step 2:

Cut garlic and onions and slice the tomatoes.

Step 3:

Cut potatoes in slices as well, and put them in a bowl of water. Afterwards cut the meat.

This is what you should have right now: meat, sliced potatoes, peas, scliced onions, garlic, sliced tomatoes, small peices of carotte, corgette and parsnip, as well as some fresh parsley.
Now you can already start to heat up the coal. (Alternative: you can also cook the tajine on a gas stove)   
Step 4:

Prepare the spices

Spices: olive oil, pepper, red pepper, curry, ginger powder, cinnamon, rosemarine

Step 5:
Add some oil to your tajine and place onions on top.
Step 6:
Add spices, a bit of everything.
Step 7:
Add about 3/4 of the fresh parsley, garlic (and some more spices, if you want)
Step 8:
Add meat and mix it with the spices to get a great aroma.
Step 9:
Add your vegetables and top with peas
Step 10:
Surround everything with potato and tomato slices
Step 11:
Add some more spices on top of everything.
Step 12
Now add the remaining parsley. Voila. Almost done!
Step 13:
It takes around 40min to cook the tajine. If you like the vegetables and the meat to be extra smooth, you can cook even longer. Eventually, add some water to it.
And now enjoy your tajine!

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