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Queen Elizabeth


Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth the first (1558-1603), She is the first daughter of king Henry from his second wife Ann Boleyn. Elizabeth come to be the queen at the age of 25, she is the most well known queen in history , because she was intelectual , and fluent in 4 languages; 

Greek,Latin,French,and Italian , She studied thepology. Elizabeth was like her mother and become a strong protestant.

When she come to power England had no army or police and a weak bureaucracy.

 When she died in 1603, She left England as one of the most powerful nations on earth.

In 1559 Elizabeth made Protestantism as the national religion by having parliament pass the act of supremacy: this law made the queen (or king) the supreme head of the church of England.

 There were rumors the Catholics were going to try to assassinate Elizabeth and that Mary, queen of Scots was involved. Parliament wanted her executed and Elizabeth had her head cut off in 1587.

King Philip of Spain wanted to help the catholics in England ( this was a time of fighting between catholics and protestants ).

 Also, English and Spainish ships were coming into conflict on the ocean. By the mid 1580s it become clear that Spain and England would go to war with each other. In one of the most famous battles in English history, the English channel 1588.

In the same year Shekespear arrived in London. He wrote 20 plays which Elizabeth enjoyed very much. Many of this historical plays celebreted England's greatness.

This was a time of great economic grouth for England. This was also the beginning of the great age of exploration and descovery around the world.

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