The most powerful king of Europe .. His body was eaten by dogs. - DID YOU KNOW?


The most powerful king of Europe .. His body was eaten by dogs.

The Most Powerful King Of 


His Body Was Eaten By Dogs

There is no place in the world, most likely, never been touched by a human foot.

If it is true that about 60 billion people are on this earth, it means that it's made up of human flesh and bones.

based on what the great Maari says in his saying: "be gentle, what I think is the surface of the earth is only from these bodies".

It is impossible, indeed, to know who passed before us in a certain spot of the earth of our planet.

History, an eclectic archive of humanity, has preserved only those with names of resonance, but the names that do not resonate in the corridors of power and money, and public life in general, fell into oblivion and can't be remembered.

So, I was not surprised when the Cafe "Zeun Park", Eastloth, west of London, witch I frequently go for coffee, reading or writing, or just for the fresh air, a panel called "Dog Breakfast" suggested that Henry VIII had passed through this property.

The whole place where the park has an aristocratic background. It was (and remains) the property of Duke Northland.

A quick look at the structure and facilities of the buildings, without prior knowledge of its history, as it was when I first visited, it will give you an idea of ​​it's ancient .

Is this the story? King Henry VIII passed from here? No, of course not, many kings of England, through the history of their long ruling, and there is no spot in the capital of their country the hooves of horses or the wheels of their vehicles did not pass through. There is a tale of Henry VIII's passing through this "park", which was built on a Catholic monastic land that never surrendered to the new "religion" of England and it had the wrath of king Henry VIII's himself.

The story, which I will narrate, is not without meaning:

When Henry VIII died in Westminster (the headquarters of the current British Parliament) in 1547, his body was transferred to the royal family palace in Windsor (now Heathrow Airport).

Since the transportation of those days was horse carriages or sailboats across the River Times, the king's body had to be locked overnight in one of the buildings attached to the monastery of Zion, on the way to Windsor.

But before the king, who had the Anglican Church as the official church of England and entered into violent religious conflicts with the Catholics, died, a Franciscan priest named William Bettou predicted that "the wrath of God would fall on his head and that the dogs would lick his blood."

He is the powerful English king who Catholics in his reign were slaughtered and were persecuted and haunted down like witches at the time.

He is also the king, whom some historical views said about his converting from Catholicism, that he did it so he would divorce his wife Catherine, daughter of the Spanish queen Isabella, His brother's widow and a few years older than him.

This last view is not very unlikely, especially if we know that after his dissolution of Catholicism that forbids divorce, he married five times, some in search of a male crown prince, others falling in love, or to satisfy his desires.

In a time when there were no refrigerators in which the bodies of the dead were kept, the king's body was placed in one of the rooms attached to the monastery until the morning and then continue his journey to his last resting place in the graves of his family.

But the door of the room seemed not to be closed, And the dogs smelled the corp, when the morning came, until the dogs had torn the body of the king, whom a Franciscan monk called for the dogs to lick his blood.

This is what actually happened.

Henry VIII's converting to Protestantism, called Anglican, was not intended to suit his new homeland, a desire to divorce his first wife, who had not had a male crown prince, nor to marry and be loved only, but also to seize the property of the Catholic Church In England.

For this reason, he proclaimed himself the defender of the faith and the head of the Anglican Church, the title that still been held, to this day, by Queen Elizabeth II despite the proliferation of calls to abandon it as the British society today is multi-religious and multicultural.

Every time I sat at the Zion Park Cafe, near my home in West London, my eyes go straight to that painting, which has become the permanent decor of the cafe.

Two dogs are liking blood on the floor of the room where the coffin of Henry VIII, Europe's most powerful King, In death, the bodies seem to be equal to the dogs.

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