It is an american media institution , which was created in 1923s by Walt Desiney, in the name of "Desiney brothers studios" .
Water Elias "walt" was ispired by a pet mouse he was keeping in his office in California , so he get the idea of creating desiney campany than creating Mickey Mouce cartoon , which became later on the famous cartoon character .

In collabration with his brother Roy , they both ( Walt and Roy ) co-founded the idea of building "Desiney-Production-Campanies", wich govern the world of media now.

Desiney first started with cartoons such as : Mickey Mouce, Buggs Bunny, Pinocchio, Lonny Tunes, ..... , the list is so long but who can forgot about the moment when we were kids sitting in front of TV waitting for our best cartoon to start .

After the first progect of cartoons had succeeded and gain billions of dollars as outcomes , the walt desiney lunched a new campaign of animation movies like: Cendrella / Snow white and the seven dwarfs / Frozen ..... the list is so long also but those animation movies which become evoluotnary in the world of animation movies .

Talking about desiney " them park" are six all over the world located in : Hong Kong/China/Paris/California/Florida/Tokyo , in total twelve desineylands as follow ; 
 * Walt Desiney World Resort* Shanghai Desiney Resort* Desineyland Paris* Tokyo Desiney Resort* Hong Kong Desineyland Resort * Desineyland Resort 
The Desiney team had announced in 2014 that the total annual profit of  $12.6 billion on $59.43 billion in revenue.

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