The English Civil War - DID YOU KNOW?


The English Civil War

The English Civil War

Under Elizabeth, the power of parliament was grwoing.After she died, her cousin, king of scotland, become king James 1st of England (1603).

 This was the end of the Tudor dynasty and the beginning of the House of Stuart.

At this time, there were religious reformers who thought the Anglican Church (church of England) was not strict enough and they wanted to reform it. These groups of religious reformers were called Puritans, because they wanted to purify the church. 

there was a lot of hostility towards these Puritans and some escaped England to make a new religious community, first in Holland, and then later in America (in Massachusettes).

After king James died, his son become king Charles (1625). Charles believed in the divine power of kings and tried to rule without Parliament.

 He tried to arrest members of parliament. Parliament fought back. Thus began the English Civil War .

Civil War started in 1640, with Oliver Cromwell as the leader of the Parliament. The main issues of this war were religious toleration (for puritans and the other protestant groups) and more power for Parliament (and less power for the king). Puritans supported the parliament against the king.

King Charles was defeated by Cromwell's army and executed on January 30, 1649, and for the first and only time in English history, there was no monarch.

When England become without a king, it  was ruled by Cronwell as a "CrommonWealth" rather than a kingdom.

There were many different groups (religious and political) competing for power, and so the army generals under Cromwell took control. 

England become a military dictatorship under puritan rule. There were strict religious laws.

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