What would happen if China decided to invade America? - DID YOU KNOW?


What would happen if China decided to invade America?

What would happen if China decided to invade America?


Americans would piss their pants from laughter.
Invading America is legitimately impossible. You know the saying “Never invade Russia in the winter”? Well this is Russia, but on steroids and the steroids are on steroids. China will be facing 4 MAJOR problems and if they over come them, then they MIGHT have a chance of successfully invading America. We will go through each of them in depth.
  • The US Navy
  • The US Military
  • The 7,000 mile journey from China to mainland USA then the 3,000 mile march from the west coast to the east coast through every climate and geographical area known to man
  • The US civilian population
First problem: The US Navy
The first problem China will have to face is the largest (in terms of tonnage) navy in the world. The US navy surpasses any navy in terms of tonnage by nearly 3 million tons. This is mainly in part due to have 11 of the largest naval vessels around known as aircraft carriers or more specifically the Nimitz Class Carriers and 1 Ford Class Carrier. These behemoths carry 90 aircraft of which 44 are fighter aircraft such as the F-18 Super Hornet and the F-35 Lightning II or the first operational carrier borne 5th generation stealth fighter.

China will also have to deal with 68 of the worlds most advanced destroyers known as the Arleigh Burke class destroyer. 
These destroyers are loaded to the teeth with tomahawk cruise missiles that could effectively wipe out a small army with 5 of them and each destroyer carries around 56 of the missiles. 
Then we can’t forget the infamous US submarines. The 64 we have at sea comprises of the Los Angeles class, Virginia class, and the infamous Seawolf class submarines. 
We also have 18 Ohio class submarines, and these are ballistic missile submarines which can launch nuclear tipped missiles (NOTE: 4 of the 18 have been changed to carry tomahawk cruise missiles and not nuclear weapons). The biggest issue for China with the US navy which is on par with fire power, is distance. Most of China’s naval assets are diesel powered, which as we all know need to be refueled. Without any refueling ports, anything that runs off of oil will need to stay back at home. You might say, well why don’t they make oil tankers and the subs or the boats can surface and they can refuel. 

Well to that I say read up on Type XIV submarine the Germans tried to make submarines that carried fuel to refuel the U-boats to extend the range. Problem is that when submarines are surfaced and are idling, they stick out like a hungry baby at 3AM, also any surface vessel from China would instantly pop up on radar and a massive strike fighter squadron would intercept along with missile attacks. Also, it should be noted that the US navy has the SECOND largest Air Force in the world. That’s right a single branch has more planes than any other country by nearly 200 planes.
Now let’s say China does get through the entire US navy, which is an impossible feat on its own. But for answers sake let’s say they do.
Second problem: The US Military
We can’t forget the 4 other branches! If some how the Chinese got through the US Navy, now they have to deal with the landing phases. We can effectively count out any aerial invasion as the US Air Force would intercept hundreds of miles out at sea, also the longest transport plane range for China is the Shaanxi Y-9 whichwhich is 3,500 miles or about 2,000 miles short of the shortest distance between the USA and China. 
And aerial refueling is a no go either because the farthest range for a tanker is 3,700 miles and the tankers have no place to land because the nearest island to the USA is Hawaii and that’s 6,500 miles from China so the planes still can’t make it to the Island.
 And remember all the planes need to get back to China. So which cuts the tankers distance in half to 1,850 miles. So the tankers could give the transports another 1,850 miles which is STILL 1,650 miles short of America. China could theoretically do it if they are willing to loose their entire tanker and transport fleet. And then we can take out all fighters and bombers because all the fighters and bombers max combat range is 1,000 miles and below. So China effectively has no air support. 
And to make it worse, all the transport ships China has, don’t have enough range to get to the USA and back! But let’s take range of the transport ships out of the equation and they have unlimited range.
They would be effectively taken out miles away from mainland USA from either the US Air Force or the M270 MLRS. But let’s say they get though and they begin to land in California. 
They now have to fight 200,000 US military personnel that are fighting on their home soil for their home along with hundreds of planes and helicopters for support. And the Chinese are fighting on an unknown terrain, 7,000 miles away from home with no air support or supplies.
Third problem: The Journey
As stated above. China and the US are far apart for a lack of better words. 
Moving the amount of troops and supplies needed to invade the USA is impossible and it would be a logistical nightmare for any military. 
The amount of troops, bullets, food, water, living supplies and everything in between would be absolutely astronomical. And then if some how some way they overcome the impossible. 
They have American geography to deal with. It would be Urban Warfare, Arctic Warfare, Mountain Warfare, Open Warfare, and Jungle/swamp Warfare. Urban warfare with all the HUGE American cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York. Arctic Warfare in the northern states and the mountains. Mountain warfare in the Rockies, the Sierra Nevada, and the Appalachian mountains. Open Warfare in the entire MidWest as it’s insanely flat and no cover, then you have jungle/swamp warfare in the southern states, mainly in Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, and Florida. 
All of these warfares would be fought simultaneously such as urban, mountainous, and arctic warfare in Denver. Or Arctic and Mountain in the Rockies. Moving tanks, troops, and supplies through mountains is an impossible feat. Then moving the same stuff through the plains and the jungle is impossible again due to being susceptible to attack’s and they have no where to hide. Also, in urban warfare, every single floor would need to be cleared, and that’s a major challenge in of its self.

*all photos from America*
By now the armies have to be exhausted. But America is just getting started.
Fourth problem: Civilian population
Americans are deeply patriotic, we might just be the most patriotic country in the world. Tying into the 3rd problem, we have the American People. When the troops and supplies are moving through all the different areas, they will have to face off against the United States People. 
We have 103 guns PER 100 people or about enough guns for every American and giving a second gun to all the veterans. Then, we have nearly 2 TRILLION bullets. 
America would form militias and harass and destroy any invading force. They would be fighting around 120+ million pissed off Americans fighting for their home soil. All together they would be facing nearly 300 million Americans who would band together to help each other while nearly 100 million would fight.
We already have dozens of organized militias filled with armed Americans both civilians and ex-military. Such as the 3 percenters, Arizona Border Recon, and the Texas Lightfoot Militia. All these plus millions more would band together to fight for their home and for their loved ones against any invader.

Looks like a real military squad doesn’t it?
Overall, if China decided to invade America, it would be suicide and just flat out stupid. No country on earth could or would invade the USA because it would cost millions of lives and trillions of dollars to invade a place that would probably not stay under your control for long due to the uprising of Americans.

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