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Building the british empire

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The country full title for constitutional  and political purposes is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, although the short  terms"UK" and "BRITAIN"  are normally used  for convenience .

 It is  part of that group of Iselands, described  geographically as the British  Isles, the lie  off the North- West  Coast of  contiental  Europe.

 The Mainlands  EnglandScotland and Walles form the largest Iseland and are known politically Great Britain. Northern Ireland shares II- largest  Iseland with the Republic if Ireland, which has been Independent Britain since 1921.  

Smaller  Iselands, such as Anglesey, the Isle of Wight, The Orkneys, Shetlands,Hebrides and Scillies, lie off the costs  and are part of the British political union.

The Isel of man in the sea and  the Irish sea and the Channel Islands off the French West Coast are not, however, parts of the United Kingdom.

 They are self-governing crown dependencies let's have a history cool relationship with the British crown imposes their own independent legal systems, legislators and administrative structures. However, the British government is responsible for their defense and foreign relations and can interfere if good Administration is not maintained.

Virgin is offering discounts and divided up according to 'religions'.'Regionalism' can mean several things, such as  political geographically identifications; assistance and development aid areas; and the provision of services like gas, water, electricity  and health to  specific places.

It Should not  be confused  with  form a local government structures and is often based,  on former economic planning Regions.

Regionalism, as a cultural Factor, is importance in British life. 

It illustrates a sense of local identity let's become stronger with increasing distance from London. It also reflects a reduction in the influence of the central government on local populations.

And a determination by these people to assert their individual  liberty  and choice.

National feelings May intensify with the establishment of a  Scottish parliament in Edinburgh  and a welsh assembly in Cardiff. But this  could also lead to increase it regionalism within Scotland and Wales themselves and provoce demands for local antonomy  in English regions.

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