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fascism and Nazism in India

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The world hold its breathe as it witness the rise of yet again another Hitler.

CJ post analyses how Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is dragging South Asia towards extermination much like Hitler did to Europe in the 1940's.

The RSS is a group of Hindu religious fanatics devoted to the cause of Hindu religious since 1925 to rejuvenate Golwalker's dream of a Hindu majoring State in India, just like Heinrich Himmler's dream.
Hindu was over cultural cover political aims are served by its political faucets the ruling BJP the party model after Hitler's national socialist German's workers party.
In retrospect, RSS militant committed heinous communal riots defecting similar ethnic cleansing tendencies to the Nazis in Europe.
The American historian Stanley Payne and author of world fascism cyprian blamires concluded that the racially motivated ideology of the RSS is the Indian variant of fascism with no space for minorities.
The RSS do it's cause military training, use of salutations, commands and their uniform shows its affinities to the Nazi ideology.
The genocide of millions whom Hitler and his followers deemed is subhumans or undesirable resulted in the Holocaust.
Modi's ideological mentor Golwalkar writes that the Nazi Germans give a good lesson for us in India to learn and profit by.
Inspired by the ideals of Nazism, Modi implemented them in all Parts of India particularly in Gujarati cashmere killing thousands of Muslims and Christians along the way.
Modi's recent supremacist belligerents in Kashmir might lead to another nuclear holocaust which might engulf the entire world. The global community must stop acting as mere spectator to the rapidly deteriorating situation in cashmere.
The world's leaders must stop Modi's fanatisme before it's too late.

Since Germany's military had to be reduced, Hitler could no longer remain a soldier after the war, but he kept working for the army as an informant. 

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