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Gladiators from Ancient Rome

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Purchase two slaves, ancient Roman gladiators were seen as the superstars of the day. 

Their battles gathered massive audiences and the most skilled fighters would win over the crowd and even their freedom, if they amassed enough victories, these are the names and feeds of the most famous Roman gladiators who were considered the best of their time.

While some gladiators specialized at dueling other fighters, others particularly excelled at combating wild beasts, these were known as best Yari in Kapaa.

 Firuze was one of the best, the fights were so dangerous that the life expectancy for these beast fighters was just one or two fights. 

Kappa Firuze however would routinely face off against vicious wild animals such as lions, bears, leopards and even rhinos, his personal best and the crowd favorite performance came when he managed to kill twenty different beasts in a single battle.

Enslaved by the Romans under unknown circumstances Crixus used to be a Gallic gladiator who enjoyed noteworthy success against notably bigger opponents in battle arenas. 

In 73 B.C Crixus was part of what started as a small slave revolt in the gladiatorial training school of Lent Earnest Batiatus at kapwa, in which about 70 gladiators escaped. 

He then played an important role in defeating a small group of soldiers, sent the quell their rebellion with these early successes near 150,000 fellow slaves joined his ranks and Crixus became one of the leaders of the rebellion, along with Spartacus and away no mouse by the end of 73 B.C Crixus and about 30,000 followers separated from Spartacus because they wanted to pillage southern Italy.

However the Roman armies killed Crixus before he could get revenge, on his present flama is one of the biggest names in the history of ancient Roman. 

Gladiators before riskier as a gladiator started he was a Syrian soldier who got captured and forced to fight in what would become the sport he excelled at using a small sword and a shield and armor on one half of his body. 

He terrorized his opponents for about 13 years in battles that attracted the biggest number of spectators climbers.

His love for the arena was so strong that he rejected freedom offers made by Roman politicians four times, the Syrian 1433 clashes before finally meeting his end on the sands of the Coliseum at the age of thirty, by then his popularity was so extensive that his face was being used on a Roman coin, Tetra this first came to the knowledge of historians after graffiti about him was discovered in the ruins of pompei that he was apparently renowned across the Empire.

He was a popular gladiator who fought in the more villainous style of combat, bare- chested wielding only a sword a rectangle shield and a helmet, since he used the more mellowness method of combat he was probably from Thrace or Gaul his fame skyrocketed when he defeated another champion gladiator known as Prutas.

The three artists one of the greatest gladiators in the history of Rome his name was carved into glass vessels found in the countries that are now France, Hungary and England.

When the inaugural games were held to celebrate the opening of the Flavian Amphitheater in the first century A.D one of the featured contests was a battle between the gladiators Priscus and Verus the two, each had won a number of fights in their careers but they're mostly known for their legendary final fight in which they battled each other after fighting for hours, they both acknowledged defeat at the same instant, the two warriors simultaneously put down their weapons and surrendered in respect of the other skills, touched by their sportsmanship the emperor Titus awarded victory to both of them and granted them their freedom as the crowd shared vigorously.

Born in Thrace located in modern-day Bulgaria in northeastern Turkey by 73 B.C Spartacus had become a slave and was taken to a gladiatorial school in southern Italy to be trained soon, he helped to mastermind a rebellion that ended with 70 gladiators escaping from the school, all of them well armed with makeshift weapons, once free Spartacus and the gladiators escaped to Mount Vesuvius and along the way looked to free everyone they could that was enslaved in any way by the Roman Empire.

For two years he fought against the Romans with his army growing to over 70,000 slaves which made him one of the most powerful men in ancient Rome, Spartacus proved to be an excellent tactician, it went on to defeat Roman legions sent to capture him on more than six different occasions, but in 71 B.C Marcus Licinius Crassus put an end to the rebel forces with a well-trained army of 50,000 in a final act of cruelty Crassus crucified 6,000 prisoners along the Via Appia from kapwa to Rome.

One of the gladiator names known around the world is Maivia one of the few female gladiators rather than being on equal ground as the male gladiators, Maivia was used as an erotic attraction and was known for fighting wild animals such as boars, while armed with a spear it was reported that she fought topless which made her quite the spectacle, during the gladiator battles Maivia became so famous for this that even sculptures of her and action were made.

From keeping the fear within the ranks to having amazing weapons, here are 10 facts about the Roman Military.

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