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Have you any idea what you are eating??

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Have you any idea what you are eating??
WRITTEN BY:  Rida Mohssine
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Terrible News Finally Opened For Public:
The United States finally officially announced that: Genetic Engineering (GMF: Genetically Modified Foods) is a type of highly toxic food.
Most TUMOR diseases have something to do with GMF. Immediately share this information with your friends and relatives! Ask them to be careful!

When going shopping at the Mall, you must look carefully: if the Barcode starts with the number "8"
That means food that has been genetically modified.
Don't care about any food, as long as the processing is Genetic, don't buy it or even eat it!
No matter how good the experts are at promoting Genetic food and clotting that food is not harmful, but we must know that:
Americans don't eat GMF; the European Union bans; Is strictly prohibited by the Chinese Special Food system; Strictly prohibited by the World Expo; Strictly prohibited by the Asian Games;
Africans are willing to die of hunger rather than consuming GMF; It is strictly forbidden by the Universiade;
Russia does prove that GMF can make animals extinct in three generations.
Avoid consumption of food (Toxic) as below:
tomatoes Red Genetics Cattle contain scorpion poison; Sweet Corn is real Genetic engineering;
Purple Sweet Potatoes are a result of Genetic modification. Sweet corn is a genetically modified food by America,
Ama During this sweet corn we consume actually. . . . . is Genetic food (GMF) that is used by Westerners there as animal food. however, for years many people did not know at all, Still, I like to buy Sweet Corn to eat.
Appeal to everyone, both young people, unmarried, or who don't have children yet, don't eat GMF anymore!
After this terrible message was announced, hope everyone can think for their own good and family.
Keep in mind: never consume Food Genetics (GMF) again. It must be remembered that. . . all types of foods and fruits that are not seasonal naturally - No Eating... Please,no matter how busy you are, please take time to share with others .

We have a very wrong understanding about the meaning of Halal slaughter. I was asked by a Non-Muslim professor once. What makes a meat halal? And I didn't know an explanation and I was embarrassed. But I gave a vague answer saying that we say the prayer before we cut, that makes it Halal.