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Ernest Hemingway

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Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway

* Have you ever heard this  name befeor? or maybe you knew some few information about this persone? 

   For more extra information about this amazing man follow us on this intresting article to descover more about, his life / his works /and his evolutanary style .....

   Ernest Hemingway was born in the United State espacialy in (OAK PARK), on july 21/1899. Ernest comes from a very conservative familly , both his parents were well educated ,

 a muscian mother and a physcian father , he was the first son for his parents , after years comes his little tow sisters and brother , Sunny , Ursella and Michelle .

    At his early life , when he was at high school , he was working a journalist at the officall high school news paper , writting articls about sports.   During World War 1, Hemingway moved from New York to Itally , to work with the itallian armey as an ambulance driver , for his hard work and good actions he received the itallian silver medall of bravery .

   After that he decided to come back home and to mary Agnes Von Kurowsky , a nurse at the red cross , who meet her during his millitary services and fall in love with her, but after a long relotionship she left him and get married with another man.  But for Hemingway , 
this was just the biginning , because he invest in all his life exprience and start writting wonderfull novels and short stories , he write " A Farwell To Arms " after he breakup with Agnes Von , he wrote also a list of short stories and novells  such as : " the old man and the sea", " the sun also rise ", " in our time ", " on fishing" and " the underfeated ".......

  Beside all this intrest Hemingway was also intrested on sports and journalist , he was working with a number of local news papers in The US ..... , this was just a small biginning for this incredibell man , who received the nobel prize of litterature , and become a turning point in novel writting style , " the ice berg theory" , in which he became a great influencer in 20th centeury novel . The arabic novel influenced also by Hemingway style .......

   After his long journey , Ernest Hemingway endup his life in july 2nd ,1961 comitting sucide .


Science fiction

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Science fiction

Science Fiction

Time travelA complement to travel through house is travel through time. A model of the time travel story is Charles Dickens’s A Christmas carol (1843). The story options the Ghost of Christmas however to come back, World Health Organization is as if by magic ready to immerse the pathetic hoarder within the dire consequences of his own ungenerous actions. except for all their familiarity, Scrooge’s time travels were mere apparitional dreammongering. The SF version of your time travel arrived once H.G. Wells instructed within the machine (1895) that the method may well be done automatically.For a genre whose central problems involve processes of historical amendment, time travel is overwhelmingly engaging. as an example, time travel offers the enlightening spectacle of “moderns” traveling into the past to remake the globe nearer to the heart’s need. Mark Twain’s A Connecticut american in King Arthur’s Court(1889) contrasts industrial ingenuity with social organisation romance, to in darkness uproarious result. L. Sprague Diamond State Camp’s novel Lest Darkness Fall (1941) has associate yank anthropologist rescuing Imperial Rome in its decline, associate act the hero carries out with such lucent attention to techno-historical detail that it resembles a {world bank|International Bank for Reconstruction associated Development|World Bank|IBRD|United Nations agency|UN agency} bailout of an underdeveloped country. In writer King’s 11/22/63 (2011; tv series 2016), makes an attempt to prevent the assassination of U.S. Pres. John F. Kennedy and so restore a more-promising alternate history don't go consistent with set up.Time touristry, a definite subgenre, may be a perennial SF theme. it's exemplified in Ray Bradbury’s A Sound of Thunder (1952; film 2005), during which a small boo-boo by archosaurian hunters grimly affects the ensuing course of history. In Henry Martyn Robert Silverberg’s Up the road (1969), watcher thrill seekers from the long run infest the past.Another variant on the time travel theme involves physical objects that become displaced in time. C.M. Kornbluth’s the small Black Bag (1950) considerations a doctor’s bag from the long run. fighting teams of your time travelers battle each other up and down the time streams in Poul Anderson’s Guardians of your time (1960) and Fritz Leiber’s The amendment War (1978). Barrington J. Bayley’s Fall of Chronopolis (1974) achieves the technicolour proportions of “time opera.” In John Kessel’s Corrupting Dr. Nice (1997), misanthropical exploiters from the long run invade the past wholesale, seizure major historical figures and crassly using them as underlings and talk-show hosts.A unidirectional trip into the long run is that the staple of the suspended-animation story, the device behind the Buck Rogers stories and a number of ensuant tales during which a hero of the contemporary escapes the customary time-bound limits of human mortality. In Martin Amis’s Time’s Arrow (1991), the flow of your time is entirely reversed, however life appears even as precarious as individuals solemnly march to a final finish in their mother’s wombs.The lasting British tv series Doctor World Health Organization (1963–89, 2005– ) concerned associate eccentric time individual whose exotic mode of transport was disguised as a typical blue police box. 
sporadically represented by completely different actors, the Doctor exhibited a quality thus perennial that he so appeared unaltered . the recognition of the notion will be seen in any variety of time-travel films, together with The Time Machine(1960 and 2002), Slaughterhouse-Five (1972), Time Bandits (1981), Back to the long run (1985), Terminator(1984), Twelve Monkeys (1995), Primer (2004), and inchworm (2012).Alternate histories and parallel universesStories centred on time-travel paradoxes developed as a separate faculty of phantasy. If a person's being poor free from the traditional chains of relation, intriguing metaphysical puzzles ensued. The classic SF version of those puzzles is that the challenge display by a person World Health Organization travels back in time and kills his own grandpa, so making certain that he, the time individual, will ne'er change state within the 1st place. Time-travel paradoxes were typically resolved as ingeniously as locked-room murder mysteries.Murray Leinster’s Sidewise in Time (1934) swollen the chances by suggesting a colossal multiplicity of “histories,” all occurring at constant “time.” below the theme lance planned, one needn't limit oneself to at least one past or one future however may travel between several alternate worlds existing in parallel. This new SF convention of a “multiverse” opened a colossal potential canvas for fictional exploitation, with humanity’s universe only 1 insignificant universe among several.AdvertisementNarratives set within the future offered a minimum of some potential affiliation to the important world. against this, the “parallel universe” was entirely supposititious and hypothetic. Initially, readers found parallel worlds associate amusing however inconsequential conceit, even as that they had once found works set at intervals the long run tutorial or absurd. They presently completed, however, that the notion of uchronia (or “no-times”) offered bound pleasures all its own, like the flexibility to deploy actual historical figures as fictional characters. Well-known settings and events might be mutated and distorted at can.The passage of your time had a fancy, uchronic result on phantasy itself. Despite the passing of the year 1984 itself, variety of ideas conferred in Nineteen Eighty-four—such as present video surveillance—were not thus far-fetched at the flip of the twenty first century, and Orwell’s political considerations stay painfully relevant. additionally to representing the uchronic result of some works of phantasy, Nineteen cardinal is a wonderful example of a uchronic novel; it's neither art movement nor historical, existing in an exceedingly peculiar uchronic Hell. As time passes, growing numbers of SF classics constitute this abstract class. it's atiny low step from this class to parallel worlds and alternate histories. Those ideas not appear abstract and inconceivable, however they need become a part of the heritage of phantasy.Even historical fiction has proscribed the “what if” display by uchronias. In 1907 G.M. Trevelyan wrote associate essay speculating on the implications of a general triumph at Waterloo. Trevelyan’s work galvanized J.C. Squires’s collection If It Had Happened Otherwise (1931), during which such amount worthies as author, Andre Maurois, and G.K. author speculated on conditional historical turning points. This was associate intellectual parlor game of the sort that phantasy likable to play.Alternate histories existed well outside the customary bounds of phantasy, like Len Deighton’s adventure story SS-GB (1978), regarding the grim role of Nazi occupiers in kingdom, and Vladimir Nabokov’s concerned and chic enzyme (1969). Alternate histories tend to cluster around significantly dramatic and vibrant junctures of history, with war II and also the yank warfare as specific favourites. Some ventured farther out, postulating a worldwide Roman Empire or a world during which dinosaurs avoided extinction.The film It’s an exquisite Life (1946)—based on the story “The Greatest Gift” (1943) by Prince Philip Carl Clinton Van Doren Stern—is a perennial sentimental favorite. within the film, a person in despair learns that his life will matter once he sees that, while not his presence, his town becomes associate evil dystopia. it's associate final compliment to the individual once the universe rewrites itself around a fantasy of self-worth.In some deep sense, all works of fiction should be alternate histories and parallel worlds, for his or her protagonists and represented events don't if truth be told exist. because the tradition of fiction grew longer and deeper, presenting works ever a lot of distant from the reader’s cultural framework, readers appeared a lot of willing to just accept work that was radically detached from native truisms of your time and house.High technologiesLeo Marx, author of the techno-social study The Machine within the Garden (1964), coined the helpful term technological chic to point a quasi-spiritual haze given off by any significantly visible and spectacular technological advance. phantasy dotes on sublimity, that ruptures the everyday and lifts the human spirit to the plateaus of high imagination. Common models of the technological chic embody railroads, photography, aviation, giant dams, rural electrification (a specific Soviet favourite), atomic energy and atomic weapons, house flight, television, computers, video game, and also the “information superhighway.” the foremost chic of all technologies square measure, in reality, not technologies the least bit however rather technological concepts—time machines, celestial body starships, and androids.Humans quickly lose a way of awe over the technological advancements that are totally integrated into the material of daily life. Technologies like immunisation, plumbing, recycling, and also the contraception pill have had a profound cultural impact, however {they square measure|they're} not thought of chic nor are they typically subjects for phantasythe explanation for this can be circuitously associated with the scientific principles concerned or any inherent difficulties of the engineering. it's entirely a social judgment, with clearly metaphysical overtones. phantasy is one in all the square measurenas during which these judgments are forged.Space flight is one engineering to that phantasy has shown an infatuated allegiance. For the foremost half, the space vehicle remains chic, albeit it's 3 decades previous and in its final years of operation. Were house shuttles as common as 747s, they'd quickly lose their chic have an effect on.Outer space and cyberspace—a phantasy term applied to laptop networks and simulated spaces—are abstract cousins, giving constant advanced thrill through completely different instruments in several historical periods. however with cybertechnology speedily achieving mass acceptance and changing into commonplace in several elements of the globe, its SF attract is weakening quick. phantasy so has been another time creating tentative overtures to biotechnology, though a relationship has existed a minimum of since Madonna Shelley’s Frankenstein was printed. in contrast to computers, biotechnology is deeply frozen in ancient and extremely conservative pursuits like medication and agriculture. Social resistance to gene-altered crops, animals, and particularly human kids is widespread.AdvertisementThe sheer novelty of computers covert their specific affinity for porn, swindling, gangdom, and terrorist conspiracy till they were wide gift within the home. against this, the potential social impact of biological research was simple to acknowledge and LED to a spate of SF works, together with Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World (1932), with its tank-born castes of staff. Czech “biopunk” stories of the Eighties used genetic parables to charge the ethical distortion of Czech society below capital of Poland accord oppression. Biologically altered “posthumans” are getting associate SF staple. 1st envisioned as threatening monsters or Nietzschean supermen, the genetically altered were more and more seen as individuals with unconventional personal issues.Although several of the technologies that were 1st visualized by phantasy became reality—and become mundane aspects of thought fictional works—scientific information is growing exponentially, deed many area for more speculation regarding its future impact on society and people. it's exhausting to imagine any modern society’s being totally resistant to the prognosticating lure of phantasy.


What is Schizophrenia? | Symptoms, Signs & Treatments‎

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What is Schizophrenia? | Symptoms, Signs & Treatments‎


Schizophrenia is a serious mental disease, which work on affecting the way a persone feel/think, people with schizophrenia face allot of problems in personal as well as social life ; in terms of the way of thinking these category of people are not even able to deffrenciate between what is real and what is not ; in terms of feelings people with schizophrenia can not exprece their emotions in social life .

Actually the majority of people around the globe have a false judegement into what we call schizophrenia, in sence some of them think of it as been mentally ill / sort of maadness ; while some others think of schizophrenia as having multiple personalities .....

In contrary , schizophrenia is neither a mental madness nor a split personality , it is a mentall disorder , a situation of imbalance of the brain chemicals , the idea is clear ; schizophrenia is a normall disease like other types of disease , normally comes after a long sequence of reasons .

About this particular disease many scientifique  reserches and theories have been donen, to descover some of the main couses bheind it , or some of its nergative effects in human health , as well aq the process of  suatablle medical treatment .one of the most important resarches about schizophrenia as bellow : 

A team of scientist at harvad medical school  in Boston have discovered some few things that may lead to schizophrenia ,"first signs of  schizophernia may appear in adolacence ,and after lang reserches in these that found the reason bheind this may be a complement called (C4)".

After our long journey doing so many resarches to develope this particular resarch we have found some major schoking facts about schizophrenia as : 
1* 2.2 million of the american population suffer from hard schizophrenia     
2* majority of people with schizophrenia are lonelly and not violent at all .
3* some of the main symptons of schizophrenia are : long focusing difficulty in remembering and paying attention 
4* 99% of people with schizophrenia commiting sucide and addicted to drug and alcohol . 
5* 9 out of 10 young people suffer from schizophrenia .


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The King Of Fruits

The new treatment for tumoros in the future is 

no longer chemotherapy , radiotherapy or 

surgery!! Instead, change the diet and improve 

anogiogenesis! What you may not know is: we 

usually have a strange papaya, a papaya that can

 be obtained at any time,and it turns out to be the

 king of fruits! The tomato that makes the 

doctor's face green, compared with papaya, is 

nothing! Papaya has been selected by the WHO 

( World Health Organization ) for the second 

consecutive year as the fruit with the highest 

nutritional value, the king of fruits!The 

nutritional value of papaya is : * Calcium is 

twice as much as apples * Vitamin C is 13 times 

that of apples, 7 times that of bananas, 7 times 

that of  watermelons, 8 times that of cherries , 

and 1.3 times that of pineapples .* Vitamin A is 

10 times kiwi, 18 times apple , 1.5 times bananas,

 2.5 times for watermelones , and 4 times for 

pineapples .It's amazing again . ...Carotenoids 

related to eye protection, including lycopene, 

B-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin, are 2000 

times more than kiwi, apple, cherry, pineapple , 

bananas, and guava have no such ingredients -- 

haha, amazing!The above sources are from the 

US Department of Agriculture (USDA) 2016.