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Scandal in America. Scores of sexual exploitation of minors and 350 thousand dollars to silence witnesses.

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Scandal in America. Scores of sexual exploitation of minors and 350 thousand dollars to silence witnesses.

Scandal in America. Scores of sexual exploitation of minors and 350 thousand dollars to silence witnesses. 

Businessman Jeffrey Epstein

The New York Times revealed that the issue of American businessman, Jeffrey Epstein, the accused in sexual exploitation and try to buy witnesses, pushed the Labour Minister In Donald Trump adminstration to resign.

Last Friday, the newspaper said that Epstein paid late last year, a total of 350 thousand dollars for these two individuals who can make the testimony against him in case Of his  trial.

And the  business Tycoon paied these amounts after disclosed ' Miami Herald ' he negotiated a secret agreement with the Florida authorities to evade federal prosecutions.

It seems that the lenient with  Alexander Epstein cost Labour Minister His job on Friday, he was a senior in Florida For 10 years.

A few days ago, Acosta faces charges in 2008 when he was a Federal Prosecutor in Florida, negotiating a court judgment agreement that was very positive For Epstein.

U.s. labor Minister resigned Friday after raising the issue of his administration by about ten years for the court judgment against Epstein.

Last Monday Prosecutors in New York charged  to Epstein, who was a big influence, charges of sexual exploitation of tens of minors, which exposes him to 45 years in prison.

The Prosecutor's Office in Florida drew similar accusations 10 years ago against Epstein, who built several high-profile friendships, especially with Donald Trump and former Democratic President Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew, son of Queen Elizabeth II.

20 fun facts about women

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20 fun facts about women

20 fun facts about women

Women are amazing! These 20 fun facts about women will shock you, make you laugh and get the all-knowing, “I know that all too well” nod. So go on, have a read and see how much you know about yourself and the other women around you!

1. Let’s kick off with the word itself. Woman. Ever wonder where the word came from? Many people say it comes from the Middle English word ‘wifman’, meaning ‘wife of the man’.
2. Three nippled ladies! About 2% of women have supernumerary or a third nipple.
3. Hungry? An average woman eats about 2 to 3 kilos of lipstick in her lifetime.
4. Turns out all we need is a hug. A woman will more easily trust somebody who hugs her for at least 15 seconds!
5. Women may not actually have a higher pain threshold than men. Studies on the matter are inconclusive.
6. Sunscreen makes you pretty! Duh. 80% of women’s wrinkles are caused by excessive sun exposure.
7. On average, women hiccup less than men. Yay! Hiccups are the worst!
8. Men sweat twice as much as women. This one is easy to believe.
9. Women live longer than men, partially because their immune systems age slower. I guess we should send this advice on boosting your immune system to the guys then?
10. Women have significantly more nightmares than men and their dreams are usually more emotional.
11. Speaking of emotions! Women cry between 30 and 64 times a year while men only cry between 6 and 17 times (amateurs!).
12. Liar liar pants on fire! Men lie 6 times a day, twice as much as women. This may explain why men drive women so crazy.
13. The longest human pregnancy on record was a woman from Los Angeles named Beulah Hunter. She gave birth in 1945 after carrying her baby for 375 days — a full three months longer than normal. But it was in the days before ultra-sound, so it may just be a case of miscalculation.
14. The woman who underwent the world’s first successful womb transplant became pregnant in 2013.
15. Women are less likely to be involved in car accidents than men — which means we get cheaper car insurance. Yes, please!
16. In China, women who are unmarried by their late 20s or 30s are called, ‘Sheng nu.’ Which means the leftover woman. This makes us sad.
17. The first computer programmer was a woman. Ada Lovelace. Love the name!
18. According to research, an average woman spends about five days looking at herself in the mirror! Vain much ladies?
19. What to wear? What to wear? Women spend nearly a year of their lives deciding what to wear. We thought it would have been even longer!
20. Women speak about 20 000 words a day. That’s 13 000 more than the average man! Just keep chatting! 

15 Black People Who Changed The World That History Forgot

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15 Black People Who Changed The World That History Forgot

15 Black People Who Changed The World That History Forgot


Several black people have achieved fame in the world for their actions or beliefs and are often the subject of study. The popular stars of these individuals include Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela among others. However, some forgotten heroes deserve a mention for their contributions to society. They include:

1. Charles Richard Drew

Born in 1904, Charles Richard Drew was an African American doctor who was responsible for the development of blood banks, as we know them.
This amazing man saved thousands of lives through his research and continues to do so despite the challenge of being a black person at the time yet he remains unknown in the public.

2. Marie Van Brittan Brown

If you have ever wondered who came up with the CCTV that is used all over the world for security purposes, you will be surprised to learn that a black woman in the 1960s was responsible for the first prototype.

A nurse, Marie developed and patented the CCTV technology that revolutionized global security in 1969. Her contributions remain anonymous to the public.

3. Hattie McDaniel

This was the first African American woman to win an Oscar in 1939 in Gone with the Wind. What is so amazing is that she did so in a time when black people were rarely recognized or even acknowledged in the entertainment industry.

She paved the way for all the black women who have since won the honor and who continue to excel in entertainment.

4. William Hastie

This brilliant lawyer was one of the most successful African Americans in law. He was the first African American to become a federal judge in addition to being the first African American full-term governor in history.

Despite the challenges of discrimination, he paved the way for African Americans in the justice system. Today, only the justice system fraternity remembers his contributions.

5. Henrietta Lacks
This woman has helped millions of lives without her knowledge or even her consent. Her cells were harvested after being diagnosed with cancer.

These cells were used to create the polio vaccine, which has directly contributed to the eradication of polio from the world.

6. Robert Smalls

Smalls had two major contributions to history. First, his action of leading the confederate ship to the north convinced President Lincoln that it was a good idea to accept black people into the army.

Secondly, as a politician he wrote the legislation that gave the country and South Carolina the first free public school system. This changed the society completely with the schools still in place for all American children.

7. Claudette Colvin

Even before Rosa Parks famously ignored the bus segregation laws, another had already done so. Police in Montgomery had already dragged the forgotten 15-year-old Claudette off a bus.

It seems that Colvin’s experience fueled the disgruntlement in the society while Rosa Parks ignited the society to action.

8. Matthew Henson

Henson was actually the first person to reach the North Pole. A companion of more famous white Robert Peary, Henson did not receive recognition for this amazing task. This is despite the fact that Peary only got to the North Pole due to Henson’s good relationship with the Eskimos.

He was the first black person to be recognized as a real explorer therefore opening up the path for other black people in exploration.

9. Ruby Bridges

The bravery of one little girl completely changed the American society and led to the desegregation of the American schools in the 1960s.

Ruby Bridges was the first black child to attend an all-white kindergarten and had to have an escort from U.S marshals due to the endless threats against her and her family. She was brave enough to hold firm until the changes were adopted everywhere in the US.

10. Gwendolyn Brooks
This amazing poet was the first African American to receive a Pulitzer award in 1939. This accomplishment was the first accolade that any person of color received and broke down racial barriers in academia.

She became a symbol of African American excellence and an inspiration for other black people.

11. Percy Julian

This little known black scientist actually developed a way of isolating hormones and therefore created steroids in the 1960s.

This has been revolutionary in modern medicine leading to the development of drugs catering to a wide range of conditions and illnesses.

12. Shirley Chisholm

This was the first African American woman to become a congressional representative in the United States. This was a crucial factor in changing how women were viewed as leaders.

In addition, she was the first black person to attempt to run for a party nomination for president. While she was unsuccessful, her efforts were an inspiration to most African Americans.

13. Katherine Johnson

This brilliant mathematician’s work actually launched America into space. She had to overcome discrimination for being black in addition to being a woman in a male dominated sector.

Without her contributions, the Russians would have won the space race easily. She remained in obscurity until recently.

14. Lewis Latimer

This African American inventor created the filament that allows our electric bulbs to stay on as long as they do.

Without this man, we would all still be in darkness yet only Edison is recognized.

15. Charles Hamilton Houston

He was one of the legal minds that engineered the elimination of segregated schools in the United States.

ConclusionThis eclectic list includes black poets, scientists, explorers, and politicians. If you had never heard of these people before, now you understand how important their contributions to the world were despite the lack of public recognition.

They have fought for freedom and equality in addition to excelling in their fields. They have infact changed the world.


why Amazon made headlines recently when it announced

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why Amazon made headlines recently when it announced

why Amazon made headlines recently when it announced 

Amazon made headlines recently when it announced plans to invest $800 million to evolve the company’s free two-day Prime shipping to free one-day Prime shipping. 

Competitors of Amazon put on a brave face about how they too will be able to offer one-day shipping to their customers. Industry analysts spoke glowingly of how Amazon once again raised the bar.

 Here’s the problem with Amazon’s announcement: One-day free shipping isn’t the goal and it never has been. Instead, the goal of Amazon has always been to create the most advanced network of logistics facilities and physical retail locations where inventory can be deployed rapidly and cost-effectively to meet customer demand in minutes, not hours or days.

The ability of Amazon to deceive its competitors will one day be a must-read case study. The strategy utilized by Amazon is eerily like the strategy former President Ronald Reagan used to force the former Soviet Union to spend additional billions of dollars preparing for an attack that never materialized. 

Reagan’s announcement in 1983 that the U.S. would invest in developing an impenetrable shield, the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), to protect the U.S. from a Soviet missile attack, forced the Soviet Union to rethink its entire military strategy. 

Leaders of the Soviet Union and the military wasted years and billions of dollars trying to create a better strategy. SDI was never deployed, but the deception achieved the desired result, helping accelerate the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Amazon’s competitors will invest heavily and work furiously to achieve FREE one-day shipping. Hint: There is no such thing as free one-day shipping or any day shipping. Walmart will be the first to claim it has once again caught up with Amazon (probably via a tweet), and the company will try and make the argument that its network of stores gives Walmart an “advantage over Amazon.” Walmart’s executive team reminds me of André Maginot, the mastermind behind one of the greatest failures in history, the Maginot Line. According to British historian Ian Ousby:
Time treats few things more cruelly than the futuristic fantasies of past generations, particularly when they are actually realized in concrete and steel. Hindsight makes it abundantly clear that the Maginot Line was a foolish misdirection of energy when it was conceived, a dangerous distraction of time and money when it was built, and a pitiful irrelevance when the German invasion did come in 1940.

Most glaringly, it concentrated on the Rhineland and left France’s 400-kilometer border with Belgium unfortified.

Note to Walmart: Your stores do not give you an advantage over Amazon, as Amazon can easily increase the total number of distribution locations greater than your store count and can do so at a fraction of the cost. Feel free to send a tweet if you disagree.

As with all deception, at some point the truth becomes known. I estimate that within three years Amazon will announce the ability of the company to fulfill orders to customers in minutes, including groceries and general merchandise, across most of the U.S. 

How will Amazon do this? By building the largest and most integrated logistics network in the U.S. By ‘integrated’ I mean that Amazon is implementing a strategy whereby inventory will be held in apartment buildings, hospitals, residential developments, apartment complexes, office parks, specially built fulfillment centers, specially designed Consumables Distribution Centers for groceries, satellite distribution centers, delivery stations, mobile inventory vehicles, airport rapid receive and deploy locations, and so on. Every process within the chain of fulfilling an order will be automated. 

Amazon will leverage its mastery of data to create a living supply chain that anticipates demand making it easier for Amazon to meet demand.

Executives at Amazon’s competitors will try to put on a brave face, but deep down inside, the truth will be known—Amazon won.

Be Inspired by Microsoft

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Be Inspired by Microsoft

Be Inspired by Microsoft

Resellers missing their lost licences get crumb of comfort...

Inspire Microsoft's ironically named Inspire conference ,kicks off next week in Las Vegas, with the Windows giant hoping to persuade wounded channel middlemen that there remains reasons to be cheerful.

Hoping to distract those resellers from the bite Redmond has just taken from their collective bottom line by ending free licences, Microsoft will attempt to turn despairing to  inspiring.

One success story for Microsoft has been its Slack-for-suits collaboration platform, Teams. Those lucky Inspire attendees can use the message flinger as an opportunity to sell other services, such as integrations.

With more than 13 million people now using Teams on daily basis and over 19 million logging in weekly, the platform looks to be overhauling rival Slack, depending on how you measure the figures.

Certainly if you're an Office 365 shop and Slack hasn't stuck a suspiciously IRC-shaped foot in the door, then Teams is an enticing option for administrators.

Assuming those admins are able to actually manage the thing before control is lost.

As well the ability to tease customers with a six month trial of the platform, Microsoft also announced the imminent public arrival of new ways to irritate users through read receipts and the frankly horrifying priority notifications that will "ping" a recipient every two minutes on desktop and mobile until a response is received.

It'll be like having one's very own six year-old child. Except without any of that pesky parental affection the things demand.

Less alarming, but also intrusive, is the ability to highlight news in a channel via Announcements as well as spam post a single message to multiple channels via cross posting. 

Moderators will also be able to moderate what gets posted in a channel.

Finally, team owners will be able to send group messages to a single role from August and those lucky enough to participate in the Teams Shifts module will be able to clock in and out using the mobile app, with managers able to geo-fence things so workers can only clock in and out at designated work sites.

Many of the functions have been lurking in preview for a while, so resellers will be pleased to see the majority either rolling out now or hitting in the coming months.

To get its channel folk on board with flogging Teams, Microsoft has also announced a number of initiatives aimed at applying the technology to business processes, including call centres, call recording for compliance and workforce management.

Microsoft was keen to share customer success stories, including Regdarling, DXC. DXC, as readers will remember, managed to vanish 40,000 staff in a mere two years amid plunging staff morale.
 We're sure the arrival of Priority Notifications will change all that.

 They say :"Every Cloud has a silver lining"

Microsoft is also keen to promote its upcoming Azure Migration Program, aimed at getting customers into the company's Azure cloud with the aid of in-house experts and opportunities for "specialised migration partners."

SQL Server 2008 support has already come to an end for on-prem hold-outs and Windows Server 2008 will be following suit on 14 January 2020. One solution to the lack of security fixes is to shift the things to Azure where those patches will keep flowing for a few more years at least and buy some breathing space to re-engineer legacy applications.

Microsoft has previously made the lofty claim that AWS was five times more expensive than Azure to further entice customers, although we’d have to question those figures somewhat, seeing as they are based on where things were last October and also take advantage of goodies Microsoft does not share, such as using Azure Hybrid Benefit to avoid buying additional server licences.

And, of course, if you want those three years of extra SQL and Windows Server 2008 support, then Microsoft is the only game in town.

Microsoftteam say their famous quote ;

"There's no I in Teams, but there's certainly gold in there"



Family of girl killed in cruise ship fall to return home

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Family of girl killed in cruise ship fall to return home

Family of girl killed in cruise ship fall to return home

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — An Indiana couple whose 18-month-old daughter fell to her death Sunday from the 11th story of a cruise ship hope to return home Thursday from Puerto Rico on a flight also carrying their youngest child's body, an attorney for the family said.

Chloe Wiegand's parents, her two siblings and her two sets of grandparents planned to fly home Thursday to northern Indiana to arrange her funeral and grieve, said Michael Winkleman, a Miami-based attorney who's representing the family.

"Their singular goal right now is to get home and start working on funeral arrangements," he said Wednesday evening. "They're absolutely devastated. 

It's been a terrible 72 hours stuck in Puerto Rico and they're desperate to get home as soon as possible so they can grieve as a family."

He said the family hopes Chloe's body, which authorities have released to relatives, can also be on Thursday's return flight from San Juan to the U.S., but he said they were still working through red tape Wednesday to make sure that can happen.

Winkleman has challenged Puerto Rico police's Monday statement that Chloe apparently slipped from her grandfather's hands as he was holding her out of an 11th-floor window on the Freedom of the Seas.

Winkleman said Tuesday that she plunged from a window that had been inexplicably left open in a children's play area. 

He said the Granger, Indiana, toddler was playing with her grandfather in the "kid's water zone" on the ship as it was docked in Puerto Rico when she asked him to lift her to a wall of windows lining the play area.

The toddler wanted to bang on the glass "like she always did at her older brother's hockey games," Winkleman said Tuesday. "Her grandfather thought there was glass just like everywhere else, but there was not, and she was gone in an instant."

Winkleman said that window should have been closed securely and he sees grounds for the family to file a civil lawsuit against Royal Caribbean Cruises. He said the family is still seeking surveillance video from the area of the ship where Chloe fell to her death.

Police in Puerto Rico declined to comment Tuesday on Winkleman's account of the events leading up to the child's fatal fall.

Police had no immediate comment Wednesday on their investigation into the girl's death.

Winkleman said the girl's father, Alan Wiegand, who's a police officer in South Bend, Indiana, was interviewed Wednesday by police investigating his youngest child's death. He said that other relatives have also been interviewed by police on the U.S. island territory.

Royal Caribbean Cruises called the girl's death a tragic incident in a statement Monday and said it was helping the family. The cruise line has not commented on Winkleman's statements about the circumstances of the girl's death.

Royal Caribbean Cruises spokesman Owen Torres said in a statement Wednesday that the company continues assisting local authorities in San Juan in their investigation.


Two Viking Boat Graves—With a Warrior Inside—Found in Sweden

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Two Viking Boat Graves—With a Warrior Inside—Found in Sweden

Two Viking Boat Graves—With a Warrior Inside—Found in Sweden

Archaeologists digging near the Swedish village of Gamla Uppsala have unearthed two rare boat burials from the Viking Age. 

Inside one of them, which was found intact, were the remains of a man, a horse and a dog, as well as several weapons and a comb.

Though boat burials date back to the Iron Age, and were common in the Viking period, only around 10 have been discovered in Sweden, mainly in the Uppland and Västmanland provinces, according to the archaeological service Arkeologerna (The Archaeologists), which announced the new finds.

As most people in the Viking era were cremated when they died, experts think boat burials were likely reserved for those of higher social status. The bodies of such prominent individuals were placed in a ship or boat, surrounded by grave goods such as jewelry, weapons, animals or even slaves. 

The boats were then buried, a funeral ritual that according to Norse mythology was thought to aid the dead person’s journey to the afterlife.

The two newly discovered graves, which experts have dated to between the 9th and 11th centuries, were first discovered in the fall of 2018, after a church’s planned renovations led to an archaeological inspection of the site.

 After a break during the cold weather, excavations started up again in June 2019.

Experts from Arkeologerna, which is part of Sweden’s National Historical Museums agency, expected the dig at Gamla Uppsala to be a routine one, CNN reported.

 Instead, they were shocked to uncover the two boats, including one fully intact, with a man’s remains in the stern and those of a horse and dog in the bow. They also found weapons, including a sword, spear and shield, and an ornate comb in the intact grave. 

The second boat was damaged, probably during construction on the site in the 16th century.

The last time such a grave was excavated in the region, which is located almost 50 miles north of Stockholm, was almost 50 years ago, according to archaeologist Anton Seiler, who works with Arkeologerna. “It is extremely exciting for us since boat burials are so rarely excavated,” he said in the statement. “We can now use modern science and methods that will generate new results, hypotheses and answers.”

The boat burials found in Gamla Uppsala join a string of Viking-related finds in recent years, including the revelation that a high-ranking warrior found in a 10th century Swedish grave was actually female; an eight-year-old girl’s astonishing retrieval of a pre-Viking-era sword from a Swedish lake; and the use of ground-penetrating radar to reveal another possible boat burial in Norway, to name just a few.