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Why Did Korea Split in to North and South?

9/22/2019 02:36:00 PM 0
Why Did Korea Split in to North and South?
Why Did Korea Split in to North and South?

Relations between North and South Korea have been rather tense for some time. Which might be -- an understatement. 
On this year we saw North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un walked over the border to shake hands with South Korea's president, Moon Jae-In. 
Until then, most South Koreans and most of the world, for that matter, saw that North's head honcho is some kind of evil dictator. 

After the meeting, some South Koreans referred to him as a cute teddy bear. 
So, is everything okay now? Following handshakes and slaps on the shoulder? 
Well, even though a third summit has been proposed between the two leaders, right now the North isn't exactly in the USA's good books.
South Korea's big brothers certainly watches over this relationship like a brooding mother. 

Let's have a look at how this division started. In this episode of The Infographics Show, why did North and South Korea split? You probably already know that North and South Koreans are very similar in many ways, even culturally. 

The language is pretty much exactly the same, except for a few small differences. 
You could say that North Korea likes to keep the language free from impurities, such as borrowing words from English. 
But besides regional dialects being slightly different, we can say you speak Korean, not North or South Korean. 
North and South Korea originally came together in the 7th century under Silla Dynasty, and they remained united up until 1945. 
So, what happened? How could a country united for so long suddenly just split in two? The answer is WAR. 
The SECOND WORLD WAR. But it's a bit more complicated than that. Prior to the second world war, there was something called the First Sino-Japanese war, which was a war between China and Japan between 1884 and 1895. 
Based on a western industrial model, Japan had become a very powerful country in the 19th century. No longer a backwater, as the members of the British empire used to call it. Japan emerged as an empire itself. 
Korea, on the other hand, had been rather fearful of foreigners and western industrialization, especially the elite that ruled over the country. 
They didn't want outsiders messing in their business. But then, in 1880, things started to change. 
Korean diplomats went on a mission to Japan that year. 
While in Japan, they were presented with a study from a Chinese diplomat, which was called "A Strategy for Korea". 
In part, that study warned that the Russians were coming. 
It also said "Stay friendly us, the Chinese, and don't get on the wrong side of Japan." Japan wasn't at an immediate threat at that time, but the Chinese diplomat advised the Koreans to stay close with the burgeoning nation, at the same time, Korean was also advised to form good relations with the United States, who also could provide protection from the Russian juggernaut. 
In 1882, Korea signed a treaty with the US, called the "The Treaty of Peace, Amity, Commerce and Navigation". So far, so good. Open trade, modern industries, and the bonus of added protections. 
But, there was a catch. The Chinese wanted the treaty to say that the Korea belonged to China. 
The Americans were not keen on that, and insisted that Korea was independent. In the end, they agreed that Korea had a kind of independent status, but was still a tributary state of China. 
To cut the long story short, China had a massive influence on Korea, and tried to reform the country. 
That was in line with embracing some western ideas, and using western technology. 
So, Korea became more modernized to some extend. China just kept pushing and soon was involved in running Korea as well as dispatching its own troops there. We can't spend too much time on this, but the war between the Japanese and China was fought hardly in Korea. 
Japan came out on top and in 1910 the country annexed the Korean Peninsula. From then until the end of the second world war, Korea was part of the Japanese empire. 
This wasn't exactly great news for many Koreans as some historians said the Japanese treated them like second class citizens. But then, the war ended, and Japan was on the losing side. 
What to do with Korea? That was in the hands of the winners. 
The allied powers. "No more empire for you", said the allies to Japan. 
It was up to the USA to take over the administration side of Korea, but it wasn't keen on the idea of running the country. 
The Soviet Union was keen, and wanted the land it thought it deserved. Russia had lost a war with Japan in the early 20th century, called the Russo-Japanese War. 
That's why the Soviets, to some extend, at least, thought they deserved control of Korea. Under developed Korea, for so long had been standing between these giants of Japan, China and Russia, and basically everyone, at some point, wanted a piece of it. 
Or should we say -- all of it. It was actually quite surprising that the Japanese had defeated the Russian empire. 
And so perhaps Russia had been left with some eggs on his face. 
After winning wars both against China and Russia, the Wests knew that Japan certainly was a mightier power. 
But that ended with its defeat at the hands of the US in the second world war. Two Americans called Dean Rusk and Charles Bonesteel had the responsibility of making orders in the US occupied territories in East Asia. They came up with the idea of splitting Korea into two, almost in half, divided by what's called "The 38th Parallel". 
This was done without Korea having a word in it. 
The Americans said that half the country would be run by the Soviets, and half by them. Not surprisingly, America got the better half of the cake, which included the more modern city of Seoul. 
That's not to say that North wasn't out bad, it too had many major heavy industries; the South had the light industries. Soviet leader, Joseph Stalin and President Roosevelt agreed to the split, while the Koreans were not even invited to the meeting. Of course, many Koreans were passionately against this, but not those that had ties to the Soviet Communist Party. 
Actually, at the end of the war, many Koreans from the North and South were over the moon. FINALLY They would get their independence back. Brothers in arms, they embraced in plan for the future together, but of course, that didn't happened. Brothers in arms were about to become quarreling siblings. 
Soviet forces quickly took a control from the Japanese forces in the North; and in the South the same happened with the Americans. Easy. Well, not really. 
The US, as we know, was afraid of the spread of communism as one might fear an outbreak of Ebola. 
The country didn't even want any of the South Korean political parties to have much say and how of the now half country was wrong. 
Just in case they lean ever so slightly to the left, as things turned out the US wanted both North and South to have a democratic government and democratic principles, while the Soviets wanted the entire peninsula to be communist. Now, we have a divide of the former two allies, although America had been wary of communism for a long time. 
The US and Soviet leaders were even supposed to meet in 1948 to discuss the idea of reunifying Korea, and leaving the country to its own devices. 
But, both countries were so afraid of the other that this didn't happen. 
In 1948, the Americans pretty much installed their own idea of a good leader for the South. A staunch anti communist called Syngman Rhee; the Soviets installed Kim Il-Sung as leader. 
He'd been a fighter in the Red Army, and of course, was a puppet for the Soviet Empire as much as Rhee was the puppet for the empire that dare not speak its name -- i.e. America. Like Stalin, the North had to be ruled by a God-like character, and the cult of personality was sewn into the minds of those Koreans living in the North. You must remember at this point, the Koreans were still just Koreans, they'd been split in half without any saying in it. 
Of course, North Koreans were not born with such things as supreme leaders, and all that attended propaganda. 
But, if you feel like Plato, you've heard of the "Noble Lie". Plato said that "If the elite must rule, they must tell a huge offer, create a mythology for the not so clever public consumption". Plato said that he was noble because the normal folks need this lie to bring them together under one great myth, just as religion brought people together under one truth. 
Plato said if the first generation don't buy it, the second will, mostly.
And you'll have the 3th completely, if you fill their heads with his idea from being children. That's how many North Koreans became so enamoured with their godly leader. Well, that and fear. 
But then in 1950, Kim Il-sung got ambitious, and decided he wanted to rule the whole peninsula. 
That was the start of a three-year long war called "The Korean War". 
The Americans joined the South with other countries of the United Nations, and they defeated the North. 3 million people died, and in the end nothing at all really changed, Korea was still divided at the 38th Parallel. After that, the demilitarized zone was set up to prevent more blood from being spilled, and to prevent people from reuniting or escaping. People did get through though, most of the Northerners trying to get into the South. 
Both countries though, soon became enemies, or at least enemies in ideas. 
The North was strictly communist with its Korean workers party, and the South espoused capitalism, individual freedom, and American values. 
The Americans have kept bases in Korea's sense, as you watch this, there are about 28,000 US troops base in South Korea. 


What Dark Energy and Dark Matter?

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What Dark Energy and Dark Matter?

What Dark Energy and Dark Matter?

Matter, as we know it; Atoms, stars, and galaxies, planets, and trees, rocks and us. This matter accounts for less than 5% of the known universe.      

  Dark Matter                                Dark Energy      

About 25% is dark matter, and 70% is dark energy. Both of which are invisible. This is kind of strange because it suggests that everything we experience is really only a tiny fraction of reality. 

But it gets worse. We really have no clue what dark matter and energy are, or how they work. We are pretty sure they exist though. So, what do we know? 

Dark matter is the stuff that makes it possible for galaxies to exist. When we calculated why the universe is structured the way it is, it quickly became clear that there's just not enough normal matter. 

The gravity of the visible matter is not strong enough to form galaxies and complex structures. 

The stars would more likely be scattered all over the place and not form galaxies. So, we know there is something else inside and around them. Something that doesn't emit or reflect light. 

Something dark... but besides being able to calculate the existence of dark matter, we can see it... kind of. Places with a high concentration of dark matter bend light passing nearby. 

So we know there's something there that interacts with gravity. Right now, we have more ideas about what dark energy is not than what it is! We know dark matter is not just clouds of normal matter without stars, because it would emit particles we could detect. 

Dark matter is not anti-matter, because anti-matter produces unique gamma rays when it reacts with normal matter. Dark matter is also not made up of black holes, very compact objects that violently affect their surroundings, while dark matter seems to be scattered all over the place. 

Basically, we only know 3 things for sure; 

1. Something is out there. 

2. It interacts with gravity. 

3. There is a lot of it. 

Dark matter is probably made up of a complicated exotic particle that doesn't interact with light and matter in a way we expect, but right now, we just don't know. 

Dark energy is even more strange and mysterious. We can't detect it, we can't measure it and we can't taste it. But we do see its effects very clearly. 

In 1929, Edward Hubble examined how the wavelength of light emitted by distant galaxies, shifts towards the red end of the electromagnetic spectrum as it travels through space. 

He found that fainter, more distant galaxies showed a large degree of redshift; closer galaxies, not so much. 

Hubble determined that this was because the universe itself is expanding. 

The redshift occurs because the wavelengths of light are stretched as the universe expands.

More recent discoveries have shown that the expansion of the universe is accelerating. Before that, it was thought that the pull of gravity would cause the expansion to either slow down or even retract and collapse in on itself at some point. 

Space doesn't change its properties as it expands; there's just more of it. 

New space is constantly created everywhere, galaxies are tight bound clusters of stuff held together by gravity so we don't experience this expansion in our daily lives. But we see it everywhere around us. 

Wherever there is empty space in the universe, more is forming every second. So, dark energy seems to be some kind of energy intrinsic to empty space. 

Energy is stronger than anything else we know and it keeps getting stronger as time passes by. 

Empty space has more energy than everything else in the universe combined. 

We have multiple ideas about what dark energy might be. One idea is, the dark energy is not a thing, but just a property of space. Empty space is nothing, it has its own energy. It can generate more space and is quite active. 

So, as the universe expands, it could be that just more and more space appears to fill the gaps and this leads to a faster-expanding universe. 

This idea is close to an idea that Einstein had back in 1917, of the concept of a cosmological constant, a force that counteracted the force of gravity. 

The only problem is, that when we tried to calculate the amount of this energy the result was so wrong and weird, that it only added to the confusion. 

Another idea is, that empty space is actually full of temporary, virtual particles that spontaneously and continually form from nothing and then disappear into nothing again. The energy form those particles could be dark energy. 

Or maybe dark energy is an unknown kind of dynamic energy fluid or field which permeates the entire universe, but somehow has the opposite effect on the universe than normal energy and matter. But if it exists, we don't know how and where or how we could detect it. So there are still a lot of questions to answer. 

Our theories about dark matter and dark energy are still just that; theories. On one hand, this is kind of frustrating, on the other hand, this is frontier science making it very exciting. 

It shows us that no matter how much we feel we're on top of things, we are still very much apes with smartphones, on a tiny fragile island in space looking into the sky wondering how our universe works There is so much left to learn, and that is awesome. 


Future Weapons

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Future Weapons

Future Weapons

Weapons and warfare are getting more and more subtle with the newest piece of land technology 

Is beginning to look a lot of sort of a video game with wirelessly connected troopers act via sound and vision to drones carrying satellite-linked Wi-Fi hotspots and given orders by commanders that might air the opposite facet of the planet however the weapons of the longer term will not want troopers or commanders to work as a result of they'll be ready to create the choice of what or whom to focus on themselves exploitation computer science. 

The Pentagon is disbursement $ billions on developing a replacement generation of deadly autonomous weapons or LAWS like robotic fighter jets, missiles that decide what to attack ships however hunt enemy submarines. 

For currently remote weapons like UAVs or pilotless aerial vehicles square measure directed by humans from the security of cubicles typically tons of or thousands of miles far from a conflict zone and intrinsically any call to use deadly force is often created by someone. 

But before we have a tendency to begin thinking Skynet goes to require over and we have a tendency to'll have terminators roaming around we square measure still an extended approach from the Hollywood version of A.I. though we've got seen the newest generation of robots just like the Hub of the Universe Dynamics Atlas and it's uncanny ability to steer and move sort of a human we cannot be seeing a military of robotic troopers anytime shortly. 

Whilst we expect of A.I. getting used with the newest hardware. the u.  s. Air Force is functioning on the exploitation of older craft refitted with autonomous controls. 

The project that is termed "Loyal Wingman" sees retired f-16 reused and fitted with enough autonomy so they might fly aboard the newest f-35's and take cues from a personality's pilot in another craft even as if a true airplane pilot were there and doubtless before driverless cars can create it onto the general public roads. 

Autonomous missiles square measure {an square measurea|a neighborhood|a district|a region|a locality|a vicinity|a part|a section} that are already in use with systems just like the British fireplace forget native sulfur missiles. Once it's been fit with target data it will work on its own to pick the most effective target and collaborate for up to twenty-four different missiles to coordinate a staggered attack against swarms of enemy vehicles or boats and it cannot notice a target it'll destroy. Drones square measure another massive space for military A.I. 

The Israel part Industries HAROP could be a little anti-radiation drone that is additionally referred to as the "suicide drone" it will keep mobile on top of a battlespace for up to 6 hours trying to find specific radio transmission sort of a radiolocation supply or enemy defense system, however, in theory, might seek for things sort of a specific signal from a transportable. 

The HAROP can be a point on the signal and deliberately crash into and destroy the target of it's aboard payload. 
Meanwhile, DARPA, the military analysis arm of the Pentagon has additionally unveiled the "Sea Hunter" Associate in Nursing autonomous surface vessel that's designed to remain stumped for months and track even quietly submarines anyplace within the world as a result of it's designed to not have any human crew throughout its operation. 

It should navigate busy shipping lanes Associate in Nursingd act with an intelligent human opponent all by itself then communicate the information back to its center or take the suitable action if it were to be armed. tho' these systems will add Associate in Nursing autonomous mode the new generation of A.I. weapons can take this to ensuing stage rather than being shown a target or partly pilotless these new weapons can go and appearance for targets and choose whether or not or to not destroy them with none human intervention recently government agency showed a system employing a drone that might be bought from amazon once loaded with new A.I. package it becomes a golem that may then hunt and establish armed men with AK-47's during a simulation of a middle-eastern village at a military testing place the U.S. 

It was even capable of finding armed men once they were hidden within the shadows if this technique were to be armed just like the HAROP or be ready to guide a missile to the target it might become a formidable searching system. 

This sort of factor was once preserved of Hollywood however it'll be dominant the longer-term autonomous weapons at intervals years instead of decades these new weapons would provide unmatched speed and preciseness over any human system and is currently being referred to as the largest step-change since the creation of powder and nuclear weapons. 

Although this technology can offer the sting to the America and their allies which will be transitory as others square measure finance heavily during this space and in contrast to the event of the fission bomb that needed technologies that were terribly tough to make, are often} principally software-driven which suggests it can be a great deal easier to develop given the programming resources. Once this has been done they might be cheaply factory-made by any important military power that additionally means that they might simply notice their approach into the hands of knave states or extremists. Aerial vehicles like drones. 

UAVs and missiles are going to be the primary to use this however their square measure already entails such weapons to be illegal as a result of the issues over there moral and legal position. 

If Associate in Nursing autonomous weapon committed a law-breaking WHO would be accountable if no human-made the choice. Some say that deadly autonomous weapons can decrease casualties as a result of they'll be programmed to follow rules of engagement strictly and analyze the case logically. 

They don't have emotions they do not get tired, stressed or distracted sort of human competent might and thus they're less possible to create mistakes and kill civilians. 

Whatever your views you'll wear it there's Associate in Nursing inexorable drive for AI within the military and therefore the rise of the robots has already started.


People with Superhuman Abilities

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People with Superhuman Abilities
WRITTEN BY:  Rida Mohssine
LAST UPDATED:  See General topics

Sometimes physical damage can unleash extraordinary hidden talents in a small group of otherwise ordinary individuals here are some examples of people who gain superhuman abilities ;

After terrible accidents a petty criminal and heroin addict in early life when he was 51 Tomi suffered a stroke on both sides of his brain that resulted in a new artistic personality when he was released from the hospital he couldn’t walk he couldn’t eat he didn’t even know that he needed to eat when he returned home.

 McHugh with no previous interest whatsoever in the arts was overtaken by a powerful urge to create his compulsion and skills kept him painting for an average of 18 hours a day seven days a week until he died in 2012 before his injury Padgett was a self-described jock . 

And partier he hadn’t progressed beyond pre-algebra in math studies after being brutally kicked in the head when he was 30 Padgett woke up the next day to find his world overlaid with complex mathematical formulas he saw them everywhere looked and so he began to draw the things he saw a quiet synesthesia allows him to perceive various mathematical formulas in the form of geometric shapes part of his brain has been damaged but now it’s using other rarely used sections to compensate for the damaged part by sheer luck the newly activated areas of his mind turned him into a mathematical genius .

Ken Walters was a disabled former engineer living on benefits after a horrific accident left him in a wheelchair when things looked like they couldn’t get any worse mr. Walters suffered a stroke in his home in 2005 the cerebral hemorrhage came with an unexpected gift in the form of a newfound artistic ability following his stroke Walters who had never before created any art was soon converting his doodles into incredible digital images he began developing digital art which led to him starting his own software company and landing him a job at EA Games at the age of 51 .

When Derek Amato was 40 he dove into the shallow end of a swimming pool hitting his head on the bottom along with concussion related side effects including amnesia Amato discovered a previously unknown musical gift the head injury rewai de Matos brain circuitry leading to an acquired savant syndrome Amato now plays the piano lucky virtuoso making up melodies from the patterns that stream across his brain in endless succession though he’d never had a lesson It was as though he’d played his entire life in 1994 .

When Tony taqueria was 42 years old he was struck by lightning near Albany New York while standing near a public telephone he recalled seeing his body on the ground surrounded by a blue-white light Sakura’s heart had apparently stopped but he was resuscitated by a woman who was waiting to use the telephone although previous to the accident he had no particular interest in music within three month of being struck by lightning .

Sakura has spent nearly all his time playing and composing an anonymous woman has revealed how an accident during a ski vacation left her with phenomenally advanced mental abilities she didn’t experience any dizziness or nausea she continued to ski the day away despite suffering a headache and a broken collarbone in the weeks following the accident her visual perception and her memory of things began to change drastically she explained that she could not only remember every place she’d been to with ridiculous accuracy but could also draw perfect diagrams of every single structure she had ever seen all visited twelve-year-old .

Nikolai Craig mishchenko was walking home from school when a 40 wire electrified him Arfa leaning against a lamppost Nikolai was blasted across the pavement by electrical force but managed to get home the next day he discovered that metallic objects stuck to his torso and hands he became one of the most popular boys at school with many of his classmates asking him to demonstrate his superpowers nikolai says that he is now in training to attract even heavier objects.


is Schizophrenia real or unreal ?

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 is Schizophrenia real or unreal ?

WRITTEN BY:  Rida Mohssine
LAST UPDATED:  See General topics, 

Schizophrenia is a serious mental disease, which work on affecting the way a persone feel/think, people with schizophrenia face allot of problems in personal as well as social life ; in terms of the way of thinking these category of people are not even able to deffrenciate between what is real and what is not ; in terms of feelings people with schizophrenia can not exprece their emotions in social life .

Actually the majority of people around the globe have a false judegement into what we call schizophrenia, in sence some of them think of it as been mentally ill / sort of maadness ; while some others think of schizophrenia as having multiple personalities .....

In contrary , schizophrenia is neither a mental madness nor a split personality , it is a mentall disorder , a situation of imbalance of the brain chemicals , the idea is clear ; schizophrenia is a normall disease like other types of disease , normally comes after a long sequence of reasons .

About this particular disease many scientifique  reserches and theories have been donen, to descover some of the main couses bheind it , or some of its nergative effects in human health , as well aq the process of  suatablle medical treatment .one of the most important resarches about schizophrenia as bellow : 

A team of scientist at harvad medical school  in Boston have discovered some few things that may lead to schizophrenia ,"first signs of  schizophernia may appear in adolacence ,and after lang reserches in these that found the reason bheind this may be a complement called (C4)".

After our long journey doing so many resarches to develope this particular resarch we have found some major schoking facts about schizophrenia as : 

1*  2.2 million of the american population suffer from hard     schizophrenia   
2*  majority of people with schizophrenia are lonelly and not violent at all .

3* some of the main symptons of schizophrenia are : long focusing difficulty in remembering and paying attention 

4* 99% of people with schizophrenia commiting sucide and addicted to drug and alcohol . 

5* 9 out of 10 young people suffer from schizophrenia .


Have you any idea what you are eating??

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Have you any idea what you are eating??
WRITTEN BY:  Rida Mohssine
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Terrible News Finally Opened For Public:
The United States finally officially announced that: Genetic Engineering (GMF: Genetically Modified Foods) is a type of highly toxic food.
Most TUMOR diseases have something to do with GMF. Immediately share this information with your friends and relatives! Ask them to be careful!

When going shopping at the Mall, you must look carefully: if the Barcode starts with the number "8"
That means food that has been genetically modified.
Don't care about any food, as long as the processing is Genetic, don't buy it or even eat it!
No matter how good the experts are at promoting Genetic food and clotting that food is not harmful, but we must know that:
Americans don't eat GMF; the European Union bans; Is strictly prohibited by the Chinese Special Food system; Strictly prohibited by the World Expo; Strictly prohibited by the Asian Games;
Africans are willing to die of hunger rather than consuming GMF; It is strictly forbidden by the Universiade;
Russia does prove that GMF can make animals extinct in three generations.
Avoid consumption of food (Toxic) as below:
tomatoes Red Genetics Cattle contain scorpion poison; Sweet Corn is real Genetic engineering;
Purple Sweet Potatoes are a result of Genetic modification. Sweet corn is a genetically modified food by America,
Ama During this sweet corn we consume actually. . . . . is Genetic food (GMF) that is used by Westerners there as animal food. however, for years many people did not know at all, Still, I like to buy Sweet Corn to eat.
Appeal to everyone, both young people, unmarried, or who don't have children yet, don't eat GMF anymore!
After this terrible message was announced, hope everyone can think for their own good and family.
Keep in mind: never consume Food Genetics (GMF) again. It must be remembered that. . . all types of foods and fruits that are not seasonal naturally - No Eating... Please,no matter how busy you are, please take time to share with others .

We have a very wrong understanding about the meaning of Halal slaughter. I was asked by a Non-Muslim professor once. What makes a meat halal? And I didn't know an explanation and I was embarrassed. But I gave a vague answer saying that we say the prayer before we cut, that makes it Halal.



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WRITTEN BY:  Rida Mohssine
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Recentlly there was a huge talk about the topic of facting , its facts and benefits ... so some people think of facting as a great way to lose weight .... while some others think of it as a way to deal with wieght and look amazing .

In this article we are going to talk about some important benifits behind facting ;
Here are 5 facts on fasting:

1. Fasting has been around forever. It was traditionally used in religious practices as a mode of penitence as well as a golden opportunity for reflection and introspection. It’s also been used by political protesters to gain media exposure and draw attention to their message.

2.  fasting can help you prolong your lifespan through , keeping total calories under control with a healthy lifestyle that includes physical activity is a reasonable way to rein in calories and achieve an optimal life span.

3. People seeking weight reduction by fasting have an endless array of ways to do this, from water only.

4. Can you actually drop weight and keep it off with fasting? In a word, no. Remember the last time you had the flu and couldn’t keep anything down? Yep, you did drop some weight, most of it water weight, and perhaps a pound or two

Enjoy the company of your children...

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Enjoy the company of your children...
WRITTEN BY:  Rida Mohssine
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Very touching message. A beautiful post from one mother to another mother.

● There were days when my home used to be filled with laughter, arguments, fights, jokes and loads of mischief. 

● Pens and books all over, and clothes messing the rooms, thrown on the beds. 

● I used to shout at them to tidy up their mess. 

In the morning:

• One will wake up and say: Mama I can't find a certain book.

• And the other will say: I can't find my perfume.

• And one will say: Mama where's my homework?

• And another: Mama I forgot to complete my homework.

● Everyone used to ask about their lost possessions.  And I will say, but take care of your stuff, be responsible, you have to grow up.

● And today I stand at the doorway of the room. The beds are empty. All the cupboards have only a few pieces of clothes in them. And what remains is the smell of perfume that lingers in the air. 

● Everyone had a special smell. So I take in the smell of their perfume for maybe it will fill the empty ache in my heart.

● All I have now is the memory of their laughs and their mischief and their warm hugs. 

● Today my house is clean and organized and everything is in its place, and it is calm and peaceful. But it is like a desert with no life in it. Do not become angry with your kids about the mess. 

● Every time they come to visit and they spend time with us, when they are ready to leave. They pull their bags and it is as if they tug my heart along with it. 

● They close the door behind them and then I stand still and think of the many times I shouted them to close the doors. 

● Here I am today, closing my own doors. Nobody opens it besides me. Each one gone to a different city or a different country.  All left to find their own path in life. 

● They have grown up and I wished that they could stay with me forever.

● Oh God... take care of them & all other children wherever they may be, for You are their guide and  protector and always keep them happy.

● If your children are still in the stage that you need to talk and talk before they could get things done in the house, please, cherish and endure it with joy, don't nag, they will soon leave your home for you, remember they were not there at the beginning of your marriage. Now that they are around, make them happy and feel happy yourself. 

Dedicated to all mothers, fathers, grandfathers & grandmothers. Please read twice.